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When to think about estate planning

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This is the first of what I hope will be several informative blog posts about estate planning. Today (March 14, 2022) is the first business day after the CDC’s most recent pronouncement that we can start doing things the way we did back before COVID. While I am cautiously optimistic, we all remember what happened last summer…

That brings us to the topic of this post: when should someone think about estate planning?

While there is never a convenient time to think about getting your affairs in order, it is much less stressful to do so when you are not also confronting some major emergency in your life. So, if you’re not in the midst of an emergency, and you haven’t yet done an estate plan, then today is as good a time as any to get started.

All of the factors above are good reasons to think about what could happen if something happens to you, whether that “something” is incapacity or death. You can click here for more common questions specific to living trusts and avoiding Probate. You can click here for more information about my estate planning services.

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